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minnie rose2014 has finally arrived! Are you ready for a brand new year, a brand new you, and a brand new wardrobe? With all of the latest fashions coming out for 2014, such as designer sweaters, scarves, and ruanas, where will you be doing your shopping? Have you considered shopping online for all of the designer brands that you know and love? It is true that many of the top designers are available all in one place, and they can be accessed from the comfort and privacy of your very own home.

Online Shopping Sources

You no longer have to go from store to store (or from website to website) searching for each of the different must-have pieces of 2014. Julie’s Bottega is a women’s online clothing boutique that carries all the top styles of 2014 that you are looking for. Some of the trendy items for 2014 now available at Julie’s Bottega include Planet’s warm and cozy sweaters, Yarnz scarves, and Minnie Rose stylish ruanas. Each of these pieces will add a special and unique element to your outfit this year.

Most Popular

As the weather is continuing to get colder, sweaters are becoming more and more popular. Nothing says warmth and comfort like large, boxy (and even oversized) sweaters. Planet offers some of the most stylish designs for 2014. The necklines can be either high or low. The flattering boat neck style offers a high neckline for maximum coverage, while the sexy V-neck is lower and a little more risqué. Sweaters can be paired with layering tees or tanks, and they surely add style as well as warmth to any outfit.

Must Haves

One of the must-have pieces for 2014, also for the winter season and beyond, is the Yarnz scarf. These stylish pieces come in many different designs, and they can dramatically change the look of any outfit. Yarnz offers a large selection of many different colors and prints to accentuate any personality. There are new bold colors and designs for 2014 that are suitable for any occasion.

More Great Pieces

Another great piece for 2014 is the Minnie Rose ruana. Most Minnie Rose ruanas are 100% cashmere, but they can also be purchased in cotton if you prefer. These ruanas are available in a simple basic black as well as bold colors like cherry red. You can also choose a stylish print like leopard or a color block pattern. Since a ruana can be worn a couple different ways, it can add style to any outfit for 2014.

With each new season and each new year, there are many new pieces added to the designer collections at Julie’s Bottega. The sweater, scarf, and ruana are just a few of the essentials to get you started in 2014. Nothing beats the ease and convenience of shopping online for the must-haves of 2014!

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