Designer Dresses For 2014 That You Will Love

dressesWhat makes great fashion? Is it material, style, or originality? Perhaps it is a combination of all three. Some other qualities of high quality fashion and style include:

  • Versatility- fashion that allows you to wear it in multiple ways, colors, or occasions
  • Design-the artistry behind the fashion that tells you it was designed by an artist who understands fashion and style
  • Comfort- a quality that means you can look great without feeling restrained or uncomfortable
  • Travel-friendly: Some of the best fashions would be something you can throw in a suitcase and forget about, but it would still end up looking great when you get to your destination. And that means, it needs to be wrinkle-free. It should be made of materials that move with you too, so they always look great, on and off.
  • Price: You expect to pay a bit more for high fashion and great style. But you shouldn’t have to break the bank to look great. Look for great fashion that is reasonably priced to fit your budget which still showing off your great taste.

Ladies, there are many great styles of designer dresses out this season for you to choose from at Julie’s Bottega. Whether you prefer a slinky look, ruffles, or short styles, you’ll find many different stylish fashions this year that possess all the qualities of great fashion, at a reasonable price. These are truly some grab it and go designs that will turn heads.

What’s in store for fashion designer dresses in 2014?

1.  The Isle Cha-Cha Dress: This is a perky number that sports fun ruffles and a sexy length. Made of 95% Viscose and 5% Spandex short-sleeved style, this is the perfect dress for traveling, dancing, or just a fun night out. (only $145)

2.  The Wilt Short-sleeved T-shirt Dress: This dress is unique due to the “wilted” look on the sleeves and sides and features a “lost hem line” that seems to flow into everything else. The dress is 100% cotton and resembles a T-shirt more than a dress. It’s comfort-casual piece with an uneven “shredded” hemline is sure to turn heads. Great for casual wear or anytime. (only $160)

3.  The Wilt Sleeveless T-shirt Dress: A variation of the Wilt Short-sleeved T-shirt dress, this one offers the same high fashion without the sleeves; 100% cotton, this piece gives a slinky, carefree look and is easy to care for; great for traveling days, or nights on the town. Beautiful in black or other variations of colors available. This could very well be your perfect “little black sleeveless dress.” (only $155)

There are many variations of these dresses, and color variations that will please every taste. The collection will continue to grow as we develop more styles. To check out the latest fashions yourself for 2014, visit us.

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