Lafayette 148 vs Michael Stars

michael starsThere are two designers that are very commonly compared: Michael Stars and Lafayette 148. Many ask which designer produces a better clothing line and which one is preferred. While it may be a personal preference, the two have some differences. See, below for the comparison

Once you step foot in Julie’s Bottega, it will not take you long to know why they have been around for so long. Not only do they sell the top designer names in the world, but this mother and daughter team really go the distance to make you feel at ease. They try their best to offer their expertise about fashion while adding the personal touch that so many other boutiques are lacking in.

LaFayette 148

Edward Wilkerson, the designer of Lafayette 148, has worked very hard for the success of the Lafayette line. The designer clothing line can be seen at over 400 stores all over the world. If that’s not impressive enough, they are also seen on celebrities all over the country. The clothing is known for tailoring to the modern woman, utilizing the many different ‘hats’ she must wear throughout the day from the casual woman to the businesswoman, even formal wear.

Lafayette 148 uses only the highest quality of fabrics. They hand select the fabrics to ensure, the end result, will be a flawless piece of designer clothing for you, our customer. They have a reputation in the fashion industry, for their clothing fitting exceptionally well. They offer a variety of sizing from petite to plus-sized clothing. They really do, have something for everyone, in every size.

Michael Stars

Michael Stars is a clothing designer that believes in comfort wear while looking fabulous. He is the founder of the ‘original tee’ t-shirt. Many experts credit Michael Stars for making the t-shirt and jean look, be one of a fashion-do. The traditional look of Michael Stars design is original tee-shirt, luxury jeans, and a cashmere sweater. It may be layered with a scarf or other accessory.

Michael Stars is seen on celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Angelina Jolie. Michael Stars clothing line is for the modern, trendy, chic woman. It is the ultimate in the comfort wear. It is ideal for the woman wanting to find a casual wear or an outfit to lounge around with your favorite gal pal.

Both the designers make exceptional clothing lines, where they differ is the style. Michael Star is more modern, casual woman, where as Lafayette 148 is more diverse having clothing options from formal evening wear to business wear to causal wear. When you, the buyer are deciding which one to purchase, it will come down to personal preference. Of course, the professional team at Julie’s Bottega, can help you find your perfect style and fit.

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