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michael starsMichael seeing Stars – 27 years and counting

Michael Stars clothing designs have been at the forefront of innovative fashion design for well over quarter of a century now. Their reputation precedes them in the fashion industry and they have supported some great causes in the past. Shop for Michael Stars clothing here. Michael Stars is a clothing line that is both comfortable and stylish, they are founders of the ‘original tee’ design.

Based in Los Angeles, Michael Stars has been a pioneer in casual clothing for over two decades. Michael Cohen was inspired by a beach artist in South Africa to launch an innovative unisex Tee line. His ideas were later amplified when Cohen met his wife, together they created Michael Stars. Their designs are perfectly fitting, ultra soft layered pieces, trademark shine fabric and cashmere jumpers.

They first opened in Manhattan Beach- after 9 years in business they had opened 11 retail stores and were distributing through all 50 states and internationally.

Michael Stars has been featured within the pages of Vogue, Lucky, Elle and InStyle. They also have a celeb following including Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Biel and Courtney Cox.

History lives on

2010 saw Michael Stars team up with 12 different charities over the 12 days of Christmas. The campaign was labelled “12 Days of Giving” and the aim was 12 days,12 Charities, 12 Causes. They gave out customer codes for shoppers to use at checkouts to receive 10% off their final purchase.

Michael stars favored donating to a number of Charities as it gave them a chance to give something to many causes that were dear to them.

Back in 2011 they launched the Tee for Tee program, for every Tee they sold they donated one. They reached a staggering number of 25000 tees donated to the National Coalition for the Homeless. Most tees were distributed to women’s shelters across the country and the company was overwhelmed with customer support.
These celebrations were topped off with a 25th anniversary bash, they collaborated with InStyle magazine to host the extravagant event. Michael Cohen and Suzanne Lerner invited people to their New York showroom for a fantastic evening of wine and fine dining.

All party guests were given commemorative goodie-bags, each with their own limited-edition heritage tees and other exclusive gifts including items from the ‘heritage tee bar.’ The party themes were all blessed with the infamous glisten and shine associated with Michael Stars.

Here and now

Not only is Michael Stars a reputable company, they deliver quality at a price that does not break the bank. A reputation that is great all over the world is not something that comes easy, coming into their 28th year of business this September; one can be assured Michael Stars will be around for a long time to come.

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