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planet clothingPlanet Clothing line has these beautiful pieces that are a wonderful collection of clothing you will not want to miss out on. If you love fabrics that are comfortable, sophisticated and sexy , this is the clothing for you. Shop for Planet Clothing here. The Planet Clothing line is a very smart and beautiful collection of pieces, that you can mix and match for your business casual wardrobe. This is a very classic line with a lasting quality in mind, and that is these pieces do not go out of style.

The Designer

Designed by Laura Grossman, this line of clothing is for the lady of business who is on the go. With these pieces, she can mix and match from this collection to make a new and exciting look each time she goes out. Perfect for dinner or casual lunches, these timeless pieces will be the mainstay of any lady who wants a truly unique set up for her wardrobe. These pieces are truly beautiful and can be interchanged quite easily if you are feeling daring or sensitive and soft. Whatever your mood, you can design your own look for the day and feel brand new each time you dress up.

Versatility & Style

It is for the fashionista who does not want to be bound by the same look. This line of clothing is for real ladies who love looking beautiful all year long with versatility and style. These pieces are a must-have for ladies who want to look great in business casual or for impromptu business trips that require a beautiful but classic look, and a comfortable fit and feel.

Environmentally Friendly

Planet Clothing is becoming the rage, with its environment friendly fabrics and real life styles that real women wear every day. Ladies can look their absolute best even if they are just hanging around the house. These clothes are made to live in and to last.

Ageless styles of tunic tops and blazers and trapeze pants are the new darlings of women’s fashion. These real life garments come in array of soft colors that accent the person and not the clothing. From the preppie to the poncho there is a wide variety of clothing to fit any size and taste.

The shoulder cardigan is absolutely gorgeous and keeps you cool inside and warm outside. The different types of Tees offered are spectacular. You will not find fashion like this anywhere that is stylish and classic other than through Laura Grossman’s collection.

All jackets are absolutely versatile, from a cool fall day to a freezing cold office in the summer, you can absolutely look your best either way. Planet Clothing is just great fashion and design for real women.

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