Planet Clothing vs Equestrian Clothing

planetThere are many exciting brands of clothing and designers creating those fabulous must-have items for your closet, however this year has really saw a rise in the popularity of two brands in particular –Planet clothing and Equestrian clothing. These two brands bring the latest styles right to your closet. But which is best? Each brand is certainly worthy of the attention that it has been gaining over the year. Let’s take a look at both of the brands and you can learn for yourself why they are becoming top choices in fashion.


Planet Clothing

Planet clothing is a brand started by Laura Grossman. Her collection of apparel uses only natural fabrics, and the best of them. The Planet clothing line is constructed of fine materials such as pima cotton, silk organza and Irish handkerchief linen. Each item in the line is designed to bring peace and comfort to the wearer, each offering soft hues that feel great against your skin. Styles are made to fit loosely yet still forming to the shape. Planet clothing is available for women of all sizes, flattering to each. Planet is surely as comfortable as anything that will ever touch your skin. Considering you will look absolutely gorgeous in your Planet, this is a brand to get to know more about.

Equestrian Clothing

Equestrian is another great brand but one that is totally opposite of Planet clothing; in a great way, of course. Equestrian designs are trendy, stylish and flattering to today’s horse riding woman. All of the pieces that you need for a great day of horse riding are available in their collection. The clothing from the brand is designed with fine materials so that it looks good and lasts long without ever sacrificing quality. The stylish choices flatter women of all sizes, with a large collection of twill pants, shirts and leather boots offered. Wearing Equestrian ensures that you are looking your best while doing what you love.

Which Brand is Best?

There is no comparing Equestrian and Planet. They each offer enormous quality, style and comfort, and while one brand (Planet) is designed for the everyday woman and the other (Equestrian) is made for the horse rider, they each offer superior qualities. This has helped them reach the top of the pole over this last year.

One thing is for certain –no matter which brand you select, disappointment is not going to be one of the things that you feel. Planet and Equestrian are two absolutely awesome brands perfect for the style-conscience woman who seeks more in her wardrobe.

Whether it is the horse-riding favorite Equestrian that you want or Planet, hop on over to our site to get just what you want.

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